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Committed to Excellence

You may be an individual wishing to improve an area of land to enjoy yourself and pass on to the next generation either through woodland creation or rewilding.


Drawing on ecological and land management expertise, we can advise on maximising biodiversity and establishing new habitat on your own holding. Equally we can help you to find a suitable piece of land with exciting potential for improvement.


How it works

We can guide you every step of the way to:


Developing a plan that suits your needs and delivers maximum environmental gain either through enhancing your own land or locating and purchasing a site on your behalf. The best way to meet your requirements may be to purchase a separate holding or you might want to create a retirement paradise and live surrounded by the landscape and wildlife you have helped to restore.


We will ensure you identify all the potential benefits of your project. In addition to increasing biodiversity you might be able to contribute to flood prevention, carbon capture or connecting nature networks over an area beyond your boundary.


Once the scheme is designed, we will apply for all potential grants and register for the relevant credits. We will then deliver it on the ground and ensure any maintenance is carried out to the highest standards.

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Image: Kate Raworth and Christian Guthier/The Lancet Planetary Health

Biodiversity Investments and Ecosystem Services represent a profitable opportunity for companies and communities in today's competitive world.

Biodiversity is essential for life and the long term future of business. Biodiversity and ecosystem services are critical to ensure human well-being, maintain and improve production systems, and add value to businesses large and small. All life and all economies depend on healthy ecosystems.



Investors can take steps to consider biodiversity in their portfolios more broadly. We believe biodiversity will become an important factor in evaluating a company’s risk profile, encompassing physical, legal and transitional risks, among others. And with environmental impact disclosures on the rise, investors can use a company’s commitment to biodiversity as one of many measures by which to gauge its approach to sustainability.


No single step can reverse the decline of biodiversity, but a combination of measures can improve the sustainability of the planet's resources — and in the process unlock significant investment opportunities across many industries.



Biodiversity Credits

A Biodiversity Credit is an innovative approach to quantify in a transparent way the net positive impacts of your investment on 1 hectare (2.5 Acres) preserved, restored, or managed through sustainable land practices. It will allow you to invest in projects that add value to your company and creates tangible benefits for a region of land and its communities.



How are credits calculated?

Our qualified team carries out an biodiversity assessment and develops a management plan, which result in the creation of tradable units that can facilitate the effective implementation of conservation netgain projects.


Voluntary investments

Aimed at companies and individuals who want to make green investments to obtain biodiversity net gains through:


  • Conservation projects in strategic ecosystems

  • Offsets for biodiversity loss

  • Investments in biodiversity conservation

  • Investment in the comprehensive management of water & soil resources as well as other Ecosystem Services



  • Long-term financial sustainability.

  • Centralisation of efforts with double-track gains and biodiversity indicators.

  • Incentives for the landowners based on the number of hectares preserved, restored, or dedicated to sustainable use.

  • Creates opportunities in strategic conservation areas.

  • Optimises the time required for processes to create habitat

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