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Earn extra income from your land through tree planting, wetland creation, rewilding or field margin habitat creation.

No obligation, no third parties

Dairy Farmer

We provide the link between land owners and businesses who need to offset their environmental impact through enhancement with minimal disruption to your business.

Our experience of land management and farming gives us insight into how to tailor a project to meet your aspirations for habitat creation while fitting in alongside a profitable business. We design practical solutions that ensure minimal disruption of cropping regimes. This may include tree planting, wetland creation, rewilding a section of the farm or field margin enhancement.

How our expertise can help you

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A Network of suitable businesses

We provide the link to private clients or businesses looking to offset their environmental impact

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Finding you

additional funds

We can help you to access additional funds in the form of payment for biodiversity and carbon credits generated



the complex

We guide you through the complexities of
agri-environment grant applications and inspections

How we deliver extra income for land owners

With the new Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS), the time has never been better to look at ways to earn extra income from your land through tree-planting and habitat creation.


Register the land you wish to use for conservation


We advise the right management options

for your specified land


We find developer projects that fit your land use


We find grants and help you manage the project


You receive an upfront fee and annual payment

Guiding you through the process every step of the way

1. Register your land

All you need to do initially is let us know the size and current state of the land you wish to put into conservation (see form below). Please note that all information submitted is strictly confidential and there is no obligation to take up any offset agreement at this stage.

2. Choose the right management options

We can advise on the options of woodland, wetland rewilding or existing habitat enhancement. We then assess the range of environmental goods and the payments/grants associated with a particular project. These might include carbon sequestration, wetland creation, peat restoration, river catchment management or biodiversity gain.

3. Find a suitable business or project

We match your land with a suitable buyer for any potential carbon or biodiversity units generated. In the case of biodiversity offset we liaise with local planning authorities and developers and when a project comes up that is a fit for your land, we will contact you to discuss a matching management plan.

4. Delivery and long-term revenue

Once we have designed a plan to the satisfaction of all parties we can help you deliver it. This could include securing agri-environment grants, arranging biodiversity assessments, sourcing and planting trees, landscaping, fencing or implementing a range of conservation measures.

5. Biodiversity offset

In the case of biodiversity offset, once you have approved the management plan and payment, we arrange the agreement between you and the developer. You then receive an upfront fee to commence the work and an annual payment for implementing the long-term management plan. We can help with ongoing maintenance and securing any necessary certification.


By registering your land with us, we'll be able to find the right projects to suit you and help you earn extra income. It should only take a few minutes to complete, and you're under no obligation to continue.


Please note that all information submitted is strictly confidential and there is no obligation to take up any offset agreement at this stage

Your details

We never share your details with anyone

Details of the land you wish to conserve
You must be the property owner or authorised to register this land

What is the current land use on the proposed area
Has an ecological survey been undertaken on the land?
List my property on the registry?
Please send any maps of the site and its ecological assessment. By clicking “agree” you give permission for NCF to hold your details on file and use your information when seeking conservation funding

Thank you for registering your land, we'll be in touch shortly

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