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We can guide you every step of the way to improve an area of land to enjoy yourself and pass on to the next generation either through woodland creation or rewilding

We can help you invest in nature

Drawing on ecological and land management expertise, we can advise on maximising biodiversity and establishing new habitat on your own holding. Equally we can help you to find a suitable piece of land with exciting potential for improvement.

Investing in biodiversity and ecosystem services

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are essential for the long-term future of business and economies. As well as being critical to human well-being, they maintain and improve production systems and add value to businesses. Therefore, investing in biodiversity and ecosystem services represents a profitable opportunity for both companies and individuals.

The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries (2017) Image: Kate Raworth

The Doughnut of social and planetary bou

No single step will reverse the decline of biodiversity, but combined actions and mechanisms can increase the planets living resources and in the process offer significant investment opportunities across many sectors.

Why invest now?

Now is the time for investors to consider biodiversity in their portfolios as it becomes an increasingly important factor in assessing a company’s sustainability including physical, legal and transitional risk.
With businesses increasingly disclosing their environmental impact, investors can use a company’s commitment to biodiversity as one of the measures by which to gauge its long-term prospects.

Biodiversity Investments and Ecosystem Services represent a profitable opportunity for individuals, companies, communities and our future

Biodiversity Credits

One of the mechanisms for increasing natural capital are biodiversity credits. They measure the positive impact of an investment in preservation, restoration, rewilding or sustainable land management on a specific unit of land (normally 1 hectare). Investing in biodiversity credits creates projects that add quantifiable value to your company and have wider benefits for communities and the environment.

How are credits generated?

We select privately owned land in our registry or find new land on our client’s behalf depending on the level of investment. We then carry out a baseline biodiversity assessment and develop a management plan to improve it. The implementation of the management plan results in the creation of tradable biodiversity units, which can be used to offset business operations or developments including the forthcoming requirement for developers to demonstrate a 10% biodiversity net gain (BNG).

Voluntary Investments

As well as complying with legal obligations, many companies and private individuals are already investing in biodiversity and other ecosystem services on a voluntary basis. Projects can be targeted at:

  • Conservation of specific ecosystems

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Offsetting biodiversity loss

  • Increasing biodiversity

  • Management of water and soil resources

The benefits of investing with NFC:

  • Sustainable projects offering long term security for investors.

  • A strategic approach to conservation linking habitats, creating buffer zones and establishing biodiversity corridors in line with Lawton’s nature network principles.

  • Generating incentives for landowners to increase biodiversity on their holdings through preservation, restoration, rewilding or sustainable land management.

  • By investing in habitat creation now you can build up biodiversity credits and be ready to take advantage of BNG becoming law.

Our latest projects


17,500 tree woodland plantation

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