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We can help you achieve your environmental goals

Natural Capital Futures connects investors and developers with land owners to help meet biodiversity and carbon targets 

Biodiversity gain

From rewilding to river restoration our
in-house expertise guarantees successful outcomes based on ecological understanding and practical experience 

Working with landowners

We build long-term relationships with British landowners to create wildlife habitats, plant woodlands and connect nature networks

Go carbon neutral

If you want to offset carbon or create new woodland we can help every step of the way from finding suitable land to  tree planting

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Earn extra income from your land through tree-planting and habitat creation on top of your agri-environment scheme

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Secure planning permission by registering biodiversity net gain through our streamlined process

Whatever the scale of your project we will ensure it complies with environmental regulations and agri-environment scheme conditions 

Woodland Carbon Code


Before investing in projects our customers can be assured that the projects will deliver the carbon savings that they claim. The Woodland Carbon Code provides this reassurance.

Sourced and Grown Assurance


We adhere to the UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown Assurance Schemeset up by the Woodland Trust. It  assures that trees have been raised from seed sourced and grown solely within the UK. The scheme minimises the risk of importing tree diseases into the UK.

Quality Assurance


Our team's expertise in biodiversity net gain and carbon offset enables us to provide certification on completion to prove the work has met all statutory requirements 

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Investing in biodiversity and ecosystem services via land purchase or enhancement adds value for companies and individuals

We've helped our customers create some diverse and impactful habitats for future generations


17,500 tree woodland plantation


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