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We provide developers positive impacts for climate adaptation, biodiversity and sustainable living.


The approach we use ensures the development as well as the monitoring of projects measures positive impacts, while also managing risks.

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We can help you achieve Biodiversity Net Gain

Developers will soon be required not simply to replace wildlife and countryside lost through construction, but to provide a 10% increase in habitat, known as Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). Many Local Planning Authorities (LPA) already require BNG for developments in their district. We can help you to get ahead of the curve by identifying local land for offsite habitat creation or restoration, planning offset schemes and arranging agreements with land owners.

How we simplify the Biodiversity Net Gain process for developers

Our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the very best out of your chosen scheme.


We assess or produce your ecology report


We find the right site for your scheme


Design your habitat creation scheme


Purchase Biodiversity Units

Guiding you through the process every step of the way

1. How we assess the ecological impact of your project

We can assess or produce your ecology report to work out whether your project needs offsite mitigation to reach the requirements. You may have already calculated the number of biodiversity units (BUs) you require and established that offsite offsetting will be necessary. In this case, let us know how many additional BUs you need.

2. Finding a local landowner

We will then search our database of landowners who can provide sites for habitat creation or restoration. We will locate a suitable site nearby your development project and liaise with the land owner.

3. Designing your scheme

Next we will work with the landowner to design the most cost effective and efficient habitat creation scheme to provide the offset you require and seek approval from the LPA on your behalf.

4. Purchasing Biodiversity Units

Once a conservation project has been located, designed and approved by you and the LPA and the necessary agreements have been drawn up and signed, you can make a one-off payment for the BUs generated. This will ensure your development adheres to the new regulations.


Our latest projects


17,500 tree woodland plantation

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